Making Financial Arrangements to Get Out of Jail

Getting arrested and put in jail not only takes a toll on your freedom. It can also take a big toll on your finances. It costs money to get out of jail, money that you may not have in your bank account right now.

Rather than sit in jail prior to your hearing or trial, you may prefer to go home after your arraignment. By securing financing from a bank, credit union, or bondsman seattle wa defendants like you could raise the cash you need to pay your bail or bond today.

Making Contact Immediately

After you are processed into jail, you are typically given a chance to make a phone call. While many people choose to call a lawyer or their family members, others use the phone call as a chance to call a local bail bondsman.

If you decide to call a bail bondsman, you might have to wait until you are arraigned in court. The arraignment hearing will let you know how much your bail or bond will be and how much you will need to pay upfront before you can be released from jail.

Once you know the bail or bond amount, you can call the bail bondsman and make arrangements for him or her to bail you out of jail. You will have to sign a contract and agree to its terms before the money can be fronted for you.

Bail or Bond Terms

Depending on the type of bond or bail you sign up for, you will need to sign a contract that is legally binding. The contract stipulates how the bond or bail will be paid, the amount, and whether or not it needs to be secured with collateral.

If you need a surety bond, you will have to go through a third-party … Read more “Making Financial Arrangements to Get Out of Jail”

DUI Defenses: Challenging the Breath Test

If you have been arrested in Colorado because of a positive reading on a breathalyzer, do not panic. Any defendant who was convicted of a DUI because of a breathalizer test has the right to challenge the accuracy of breath tests.

Just because your reading on the breathalyzer was higher than the legal limit doesn’t mean you will automatically be convicted. Breathalyzers and other devices using breath to measure BAC can be extremely inaccurate, and your attorney can help you identify the weaknesses in the evidence against you. Read on to understand how a breathalyzer can be wrong and how to challenge the false evidence.

Faulty machinery

There are two types of breathalyzers used by police officers to measure blood alcohol levels. The first is a breathalyzer that uses semiconductor sensors. The second is a breathalyzer that uses a platinum fuel cell. The former use Tin oxide to detect ketones, which are used to estimate the amount of alcohol in your breath. Ketones are a product of breathing, meaning the reading may account for more than just alcohol, making it less accurate than platinum fuel cell breathalyzers. Platinum fuel cell sensors are generally more accurate, although subject to error, as these use an electrochemical process which oxidizes a breath alcohol sample which then produces an electrical current that is interpreted and calculated into a BAC reading.

Improper procedures

The right procedure must be followed to get the correct readings. This means that the person conducting the test must know how to use the device and also guide you on how to blow into the machine the right way. The test should also be repeated at least three times to help check for the consistency of the results. If the officer didn’t follow these steps, the readings could be inaccurate.… Read more “DUI Defenses: Challenging the Breath Test”

How to Get the Best Wrongful Death Attorney for Your Case?

 Losing a loved one due to the negligence of another person is a traumatizing event. Apart from emotional strain, it can also cause financial stress. That is why it’s important to seek legal representation for your wrongful death case so as to get compensation for the loss. However, with so many wrongful death attorneys, it can be difficult to find the right one for your case. Thus, here are some useful tips for choosing the best wrongful death attorney for you:


  1. Experience

Experience is the first thing that you should consider when seeking a wrongful death attorney in your case. A wrongful death can be caused by numerous circumstances, and this can make the case very complex. Most importantly, you should look for a lawyer that specializes in the area of law that is relevant to your case. This way, you can be sure that they will offer quality representation and give the best outcome for your case.

In order to determine if the attorney is sufficiently experienced or not, you should inquire how many cases they have undertaken that are similar to yours. You can also ask the lawyer to provide you with references of their past clients in order to determine their outcome. Additionally, make sure they have trial experience and are willing to take your wrongful death case to court if necessary.

  1. Determine their Reputation

Before hiring a wrongful death case attorney, make sure you find out about their reputation in the industry. This is crucially important because your case is likely to be successful with a reputable lawyer. It is wise to do extensive research and see their ratings as well as a track record in wrongful death litigation.

You can also check their website for customer reviews and testimonials so you can be sure … Read more “How to Get the Best Wrongful Death Attorney for Your Case?”

The Most Common Construction Lawsuits

As an owner of a construction business, it’s likely you get worried about potential lawsuits that could burden your company’s bottom line. There are many different construction lawsuits that could be brought up against your company. We’re going to take a look at the most popular below.

In the construction business, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and cause a delay in advancement in a project. Some of these instances include inadequate site conditions, lack of labor, defective plans, differing site conditions, interference by site owners, changes in specifications, and late product material deliveries. When a project runs behind, it costs both the site owner and the construction company money. You should do your best to properly schedule a project and always plan extra time for these mishaps. This will help to ensure that the job gets completed by the deadline and your client is happy. Remember that your client is going to be overjoyed if you finish the project early, but they will be utterly upset if you finish it after the deadline.

When designing a structure, there are many factors you need to consider. Sometimes no matter how many times you look at the design, you may miss a vital component that can lead to a defective design when you start construction. When plans end up being incomplete or poorly designed it can lead to upset sub-contractors and owners who are losing time and money standing idle. This type of problem can be easily remedied by hiring an outside firm, such as Falkofske Engineering to design the project. These individuals work day in and day out designing structures so you can rest assured there will be minimal problems when it comes to defective designs.

Finishing a project can be a big relief for … Read more “The Most Common Construction Lawsuits”

The Law Helps Those Who Help Themselves

As rewarding as a career in the legal field can be, it can put a strain on the heartiest personality.  Lawyers have higher divorce rates than those in other professions and with good reason, one day, you’re a happy couple, and the next you’re on a high profile, controversial case.  Pick the wrong side and you find your family life is being scrutinized and torn apart by news makers and pundits whose sole purpose seems to be to apply pressure until you crack – or until a juicier story comes along.  That’s why taking care of your overall health is so important if you are in the field of law.  Working late nights on cases, eating take out or in upscale restaurants where you and your clients dine on fancy food and drink can cause you to gain weight if you aren’t careful.  And even when you are, there’s so little time to maintain a regimen that you get lost in the sauce.   The solution might be to stop trying and failing to maintain a healthy weight on your own, and call on the experts at Nutrisystem to assist you.

If you’re ready to challenge your weight gain, use a program with a no-nonsense approach to what makes you eat in the first place.  Once all the evidence has been presented, a plan that emphasizes balanced nutrition, small portions and frequent meals to help you maintain a feeling of fullness will be devised.  That way, you don’t find yourself reaching for a donut to tide you over until your next meal.  You’ll learn to cut the cravings for those empty calories and rely on healthier choices.  And once you begin to see the results for yourself, you’ll be convinced it was worth it.  There’s another aspect to using Nutrisystem to … Read more “The Law Helps Those Who Help Themselves”