The Most Common Construction Lawsuits

As an owner of a construction business, it’s likely you get worried about potential lawsuits that could burden your company’s bottom line. There are many different construction lawsuits that could be brought up against your company. We’re going to take a look at the most popular below.

In the construction business, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and cause a delay in advancement in a project. Some of these instances include inadequate site conditions, lack of labor, defective plans, differing site conditions, interference by site owners, changes in specifications, and late product material deliveries. When a project runs behind, it costs both the site owner and the construction company money. You should do your best to properly schedule a project and always plan extra time for these mishaps. This will help to ensure that the job gets completed by the deadline and your client is happy. Remember that your client is going to be overjoyed if you finish the project early, but they will be utterly upset if you finish it after the deadline.

When designing a structure, there are many factors you need to consider. Sometimes no matter how many times you look at the design, you may miss a vital component that can lead to a defective design when you start construction. When plans end up being incomplete or poorly designed it can lead to upset sub-contractors and owners who are losing time and money standing idle. This type of problem can be easily remedied by hiring an outside firm, such as Falkofske Engineering to design the project. These individuals work day in and day out designing structures so you can rest assured there will be minimal problems when it comes to defective designs.

Finishing a project can be a big relief for you as the construction company owner. Alongside your team, you put in a ton of effort to make a project absolutely perfect. However, when the owners come to evaluate the final structure, they aren’t as overwhelmed as you may be. When owner’s dispute the final structure it’s either due to a flaw in the work of the construction company or a perceived wrong by the owner. It’s not uncommon for owners not to take specifics into account before constructing a building. This could lead to a perfectly constructed building according to the design plans, however, the owner is upset and seeks damages from the construction company. In this case, it’s very important that you have the documentation, so you can show the design and how your company did what it was supposed to do.

As you can see, there are various reasons that customers can bring up a lawsuit against your company, whether it’s warranted or not. By understanding the most common construction lawsuits, you can better prepare yourself by paying particular attention to the actions that make up those areas and the documentation involved in them. As a responsible business owner, it’s always a must to position your business as far from unintentional lawsuits as possible.