3 Questions To Ask a Real Estate Attorney

When you sell your home or purchase a commercial property, you are making a large investment, and it can be a complex situation that requires legal expertise. Instead of settling for the first person your search brings up, why not take time to interview a few prospective lawyers to make sure you find one that fits your needs. When you begin interviewing a real estate attorney Austin TX, make sure you ask the following three questions.

1. Who Will Work the Case?

It is a common thing in large law firms to relegate most of the workload in a case to a junior lawyer or paralegal. In some small firms, even secretaries can be expected to do research, type documents, or file papers. If you have concerns about the arrangements within the firm, make sure you meet the people that will be involved in your case.

2. What Does Your Fee Include?

Attorneys often work for a fee that they state clearly at the beginning. However, this fee may not include office costs such as copying, secretarial hours, time on the phone, of a variety of other charges. If you want to know what is covered in his or her fee, and what will be added to any possible bills sent to you, ask.

3. What Type of Real Estate Law Do You Practice?

Not all real estate lawyers are created equally. Some specialize in commercial sales, others work with industrial complexes, and many concentrate on individual home transactions. Another problem you may run into is a general lawyer that dabbles in a little of everything but doesn’t specialize in anything. It is a good rule to know what type of law the attorney handles and how much of his or her business is involved in real estate.

Selling your house or purchasing a commercial property is sometimes difficult, but you can make the situation more secure when you hire a lawyer you feel comfortable with. Make sure you ask the three questions listed above during the interviews, and you can be assured you will find someone you feel you can trust.