3 Times You Need a Family Attorney

There are a few instances in your life that require the expertise of a lawyer. Family affairs are no different, and a family attorney Tampa can help you in some specific situations. For those who are trying to begin the adoption process or trying to finalize an adoption, arranging child custody or trying to obtain a divorce, consulting with a family attorney is often in your best interest.


Beginning the process of adopting a child can be a wonderfully rewarding yet challenging experience. Without the expertise of an experienced lawyer, it can be difficult to know where to even begin the adoption process. When you are finally ready to finalize the adoption, there are plenty of legal hoops to jump through and endless paperwork. Having an attorney who can help navigate through this period is invaluable.


Divorce can be a messy process, so it is important to have a lawyer who can help mediate between you and your spouse. A qualified attorney can help ensure that you receive your fair share when the assets are divided and arrange any alimony payments that may be necessary. Your attorney can help managing your case for the highest chance of a successful settlement.

Child Custody

After divorce, arranging child custody can be difficult and emotionally draining. When your attorney outlines specific arrangements for daily, weekend and holiday custody rights, it can make the transition much easier for you, your child and your ex-spouse. This can help your child feel more secure while ensuring that you are able to spend a fair share of time with him or her.

Navigating through family situations without a lawyer can be too frustrating and difficult to manage. If you are in a situation that requires the expertise of a family lawyer, call today to set up an appointment to discuss your needs.