3 Tips for Finding the Best Defense Base Act Attorney

When you’ve been serving the US outside of the country, in some of the many US army bases, then you’re entitled to the rights written in the Defense Base Act. Lots of people get injured on the job while being abroad.

When they come back, they struggle to get their rights because of the bureaucracy. The insurance companies are often causing problems by offering less compensation than soldiers and workers really need and deserve. See more on this link.

In these cases, they require a great defense base act lawyer to protect their rights. Finding the best one, though, requires some research. In this article, we’re sharing the three crucial tips that you must know when searching for one. Follow up to see what they are before hiring someone!

1. Find an experienced company

The issue with the defense base act is a complex one. Not too many attorneys are highly experienced in the country. Every state has maybe a couple of them. The reason for this is that this part of the law is not as popular as some other ones – such as corporate, criminal, and other types of lawyers.

This is why it’s crucial to find someone who has been a part of this business for a long time. Someone who had the chance to work on these kinds of cases with a lot more people before you.

Of course, you can’t pick anyone with years of experience without doing some more research. Other features are also important, but the experience will compensate a lot if you can’t find an appropriate candidate.

2. Look for reputable lawyers

The reputation and how they do business with their clients are two very valuable things to mind in choosing the best attorney. However, before starting to work with them, you can’t be aware of their methods.

It’s best to browse the many websites containing this kind of information if you want to learn about them. See what previous clients of various companies say about their lawyers. Check out the reputation of these attorneys, and based on them, make your choice.

For example, you don’t want an attorney who will treat you disrespectfully. You want the lawyer to be on your side. You want them to be your friends, and still act professionally about your case. See some more here: https://www.nivancontent.com/lawyer-review-sites/.

Search through the database of pages like Lawyers.com, Avvo, and others. These places have lots of information on attorneys in different fields and different parts of the country. See what people have to say about them. Check out the rating and the comment section.

The lawyers and the companies ranking the highest are usually the best. Those receiving only positive comments are also a perfect choice. However, seeing firms with a poor rating and many negative reviews, means they are not doing a great job. You must avoid them because you’ll only waste your time, money, and you’ll still lose the case.

3. Search for an excellent track record

The track record of an attorney is a way of finding out who’s doing a great job and who is poor in it. The track record is basically a statistic of wins and losses of the lawyer. Of course, in this field, there’s no jury or trials in front of a judge, so that one attorney can lose or win the case, but the track record here signalizes who did a great job and who didn’t?

Checking the portfolio of different companies and defense base act lawyers is the best way to do it. For example, if you go to the site of Matthew T. Singer defense base act lawyer, you can check out their success and experience.

Based on the information there, you can conclude they are doing a great job. If you go to someone else’s site and see no information on these things, then it’s clear the choice is wrong.


These three key points are going to get you the best possible defense base act attorney in the state. All you need to do is spend less than an hour in research, and you’ll have the best person for the job. Follow the instructions, choose a great attorney, and make sure you win the case.