A Comprehensive Guide to Types of Assault Charges

An act of violence should never be a solution to confrontation, but the truth is that it happens. At the moment it occurs an act of violence might seem like a simple incident. But once things are over and it’s time to check the consequences of your actions, things become more complicated.

The Canadian law doesn’t tolerate violence. However, the degree to which violence is condemned and punished varies. There is a distinction between violence that ends with a public disapproval and acts that must be addressed by the legal system.

Assault charges

Assault is among the serious violations you can commit and is classified as a criminal act. It’s tried in a court, and if a conviction is secured, it might lead to a criminal record complete with the right legal processing. According to the Canadian law, an assault is the intent to apply force on another person, whether directly or indirectly without his or her consent. Note that the threat of an assault also is all that is needed for an assault charge to be given legally. You should hire a Vancouver assault lawyer if you are facing any assault charges.

Here are the different kinds of assault charges

Simple assault

It’s the most basic assault charge. It can be prosecuted as a summary of conviction or as an indictable offense. Summary conviction is the less severed of these two charges and can be easily processed by a judge with no need for a jail sentence or a jury. On the other hand, an indictable offense is a severe case of simple assault and requires highly formal court processing.

Assaults that cause bodily harm

An assault that results in injuries can be prosecuted as a summary of conviction and a penalty of 18 months in jail. In a more serious case, acts violence resulting in bodily harm can be prosecuted as indictable offenses with a maximum of ten years in prison.

Assault with a weapon

This is an act of violence that involves the use of a weapon such as a knife, gun, or any other weapon. It can be prosecuted as either an indictable offense or a summary of conviction with similar jail sentences.

Sexual assault

Sexual assault is considered as a non-consensual sex involved with violence or a threat of violence. It’s prosecuted as a summary of conviction or an indictable offense. However, the sentence varies between 18 months and ten years based on the judge.

Aggravated assault

It’s an act of violence that results in potentially long-term crippling injuries or even death of the victim. It’s prosecuted as an indictable offense with up to 14 years in prison.

Assaulting a police officer

When you assault a police officer, you face different charges. These charges are prosecuted just like other assault charges. Depending on your actions, the charge can be prosecuted as a summary conviction or indictable offense.

Assault charges have different levels of severity. Regardless of the nature of assault charges you’re facing, hire a competent attorney to help you navigate the legal processes.