A Few Things You Should Know If You Have Been Approved for Workers’ Compensation

 You were hurt on the job, so you filed for workers’ compensation benefits. It didn’t take long, and you were approved for these benefits. However, it doesn’t stop here. There are a few important things you should know after you begin to receive these benefits. You can lose these benefits if there is any reason for your employer or the insurance company to suspect that they have been duped, they may begin observing your behavior in public.

Even if your your claim of injury is legitimate, if someone you work with were to get jealous and claim you were exaggerating your injury, it is entirely possible for an insurance company to begin a surveillance operation to determine if you exaggerated or falsified your claims. It is for this reason that it is imperative that you follow your doctor’s orders exactly. Never do anything a doctor told you not to, or anything that would make it appear that you are not hurt. Never miss a doctor’s appointment Of course, there are always reasons for not making an appointment, but always be sure to reschedule.

People who are hurt on the job but do not follow up with their doctor appointments are supposed to, are a big red flag for insurance companies and employers alike. Either the person isn’t that hurt or they are not trying to get better. Doctor’s appointments also include any type of rehabilitation or physical therapy that you are supposed to be engaged in. In addition, make sure you always take your medication. This is not something that anyone will see if you are under surveillance, but if there is a deeper investigation, this information may be uncovered. Even if everything goes satisfactory for you, at some point, you could lose benefits because the insurance company believes that you should have healed up by now.

However, it is completely reasonable that this has not yet taken place. In this case, you should contact a workers compensation attorney salem oregon immediately. Never return to your job until your body is ready to work again.