Bicycle Accident Lawyer: 4 Keys to choosing the Right One

Probably you have never thought of hiring a bicycle accident lawyer. However, when you crash into a vehicle while riding, it is reasonable to get in touch with a reliable bicycle accident attorney in LA who can help you understand your legal options.

Los Angeles is a beautiful place to enjoy great outdoor activities including walking, riding a bike, and more. Unfortunately, just like other modes of transportation, there are dangers associated with cycling. Careless car drivers can easily cause bicycle accidents, leaving cyclists with minor or severe injuries. When you or your loved one get hurt in a bicycle crash, the law allows you to seek compensation for your injuries and property damage. This is where the services of a good attorney come in.

Tips for finding the right layer

After a bike accident, your priority should be getting medical care and reporting the accident by calling the police. Once you report the crash, consider calling a good lawyer. But which lawyer should you call? Finding a reliable attorney is a good way of increasing the chances of winning if you decide to pursue a personal injury claim.

Here are helpful tips

1. Expertise

Choose an attorney who understands California State law different city ordinances. Keep in mind that some cities may have their own set of laws and so, your attorney must be familiar with the ordinances where your accident occurred.

2. Experience

It is recommended to interview several lawyers and find out more about their experience in handling bicycle crash related cases. A lawyer who specializes in bike accidents knows the specific federal or state laws that will apply to your specific case.

Besides, an experienced lawyer knows the importance of evaluating other factors that might have played an integral role in the crash such as improper signage and dangerous road. Probably you crashed in a place that has a bad history of a bicycle accident. Choose an attorney who understands different elements of a bicycle crash lawsuit and can act in your best interest.

3. Case results

Request the potential lawyers you are interviewing the number of bike-related accident cases they have ever handled. Figure out the number of bicycle injury cases the potential attorney has settled out of court and the cases they have taken to trial. This is important as attorneys with little or no trial experience will always aim at a settlement with insurers.

This could be detrimental to your lawsuit as you might not be getting all the financial compensation you legally deserve. Note that trials have a set of rules and the amount of compensation you are likely to receive will rely on how adept your lawyer is in understanding the rules applied during a trial.

4. Financial resources

It is wise to work with an attorney with the financial resources required to take your bicycle accident case to trial. For instance, expert witnesses may charge a certain amount daily, and the attorney should be able to handle such financial issues.