Discrimination in the Workplace is Illegal

There are many forms of discrimination including age, race, physical or mental disabilities, and gender. Although many people do not realize it, their rights are protected under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. One form of discrimination that is often not reported for fear of retaliation is harassment. Sexual harassment is one as is belittling someone.

Know Your Rights

It does not matter if you have not actually been physically touched. Making comments of a sexual nature to an employee by a superior, coworker, or anyone else while you are at work is still considered discrimination. If you feel that you are being discriminated against at work, what should you do?

The first step is to tell the person to stop. If this does not work, go to your superior. Tell them what is happening, and give them a chance to address the problem. If your immediate superior is the one causing you to be uncomfortable, go to their supervisor. Sometimes, it could be the owner of the company, and there is no one higher up to talk to about the problem. If this is the case, you should tell them that you will no longer tolerate their behavior, and if it continues, you will see a lawyer.

Types of Sexual Harassment

There are two types of sexual harassment. A hostile work environment is one and quid pro quo is the other. If your place of employment is unbearable due to physical or verbal conduct of another, this creates a hostile work environment. Quid pro quo is when a superior makes it clear that keeping your job or getting a raise or promotion is dependent upon you tolerating their sexual advances.

If the behavior continues even after you have tried to stop it, you might want to see a lawyer. This is why law offices, such as The Leach Firm, provide a employment discrimination lawyer orlando fl. Of course, you can always give notice, find another job, and move on, but this is not going to solve the problem. If it is happening to you, it is quite likely it will happen to the next person who is hired.