Do You Need a Child Custody Lawyer?

As you struggle to deal with the difficult emotions of a divorce and the resulting major disruptions in your life, it’s only natural for emotions to run high. Even a friendly divorce presents challenges. There may be situations when a child custody lawyer isn’t necessary, but you don’t want to wait for trouble to start before hiring a legal representative. How can you tell if you should invest in an attorney? Consider the following scenarios:

One: Your Ex-Spouse Has an Attorney

When this is the case, you should act right away to protect your relationship with your children. Your ex may have distinct advantages in your divorce with a representative and certainly means to press for his or her own favorable conditions. You should also quickly get your own representation if your ex is already trying to limit your contact with the children. If you’re worried about the cost of legal aid, research free services in your community.

Two: You Are Worried About the Safety of Your Children

If you or your children have been in danger, save all relevant paperwork and documentation regarding your allegations. If you believe your children are in immediate danger presently, contact emergency services in your area and talk to police officers about a restraining order. This situation always requires the services of an experienced attorney.

Three: There Are Complications

Do you and your ex live in different states or countries? Have you or your ex been required by the court to take anger management or parenting classes? Maybe you need to relocate, or you’ve had a significant change in your employment. Any of these circumstances can complicate your case and should lead you to hire a custody lawyer in hernando county, fl.

There are many factors that can affect the cost of a child custody lawyer. If you’re concerned about the costs of a lawyer, remember the long-term consequences of not hiring representation. It may be well worth your time and effort to find a way to protect your interests and those of your children.