Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

When you leave your home in the morning, you do not expect to get hurt at work. Sadly, an injury can take place at almost any time. Sometimes, this takes place in an accident that involves heavy equipment. In other cases, this could even include an injury that takes place when someone is sitting behind the desk. In some cases, the injury might be so bad that you cannot return to work in the near future. This is where a worker’s compensation claim can be helpful. If you are thinking about filing a claim, then you need to enlist the help of a workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon. If you want to prove your worker’s compensation claim, then you need to gather the right information.

What Information Do You Need?

If you want to prove your worker’s compensation claim, then you need to gather the right paperwork. First, you need to come up with the medical records that can prove your claim. These records should clearly state the injury that you received, when you received it, how you received it, and what the prognosis is. Along with these medical records, you need to get your medical bills as well. Any bills that you have accrued are going to factor into any award that is given in your worker’s compensation claim.

Along with your medical information, you also have to gather your employment information. Get your employment contract as this will specify the dates during which you have been employed. You need to prove that the injury took place while you were employed. Then, you also need to get your employment contract to support your worker’s compensation claim. Your contract will specify the scope of your employment. In order for your worker’s compensation claim to be successful, the injury you sustained had to have been within the scope of your duties as an employee. Your employment contract will specify this.

What Happens Next?

If you file a worker’s compensation claim, it might be approved immediately. Or, it might be denied. This is another situation where a worker’s compensation lawyer can be helpful. A lawyer can look at your claim and make sure that you have positioned yourself in the best manner possible for your claim to succeed. The stakes are high when you file a worker’s compensation claim. You need to have an experienced expert who can act as your guide.