Important Things to Know About Motor Accident Law in Vancouver WA

We all wanted to drive or ride in a car, bus, or motorbike, and reach our respected destinations safely but we cannot always avoid vehicular accidents no matter how careful drivers are. Sometimes, we just need to accept what was meant to happen so if we get injured, lost someone, or damaged our belongings, let’s always remember that it is a part of our lives. I supposed you should know that in such situations, there will always be someone who is behind it.

Well, it may not be intentional but this requires legal expertise that’s why an auto accident lawyer from Vancouver can be hired even when the local authorities will perform an investigation. Let’s say that you need a legal adviser since you are at the scene and you got hurt. You need his expertise because someone must be responsible for the incident and you must be compensated.

Aside from that, you need him to assist you with your claims, especially when it comes to handling your auto and medical insurance in Vancouver. You cannot just shoulder all the expenses alone because that would be too much after getting injured. This may even be a life-changing incident when you are seriously hurt so as a human being, it would be ideal to understand the law on auto accidents in your state.

Statute of Limitations

This refers to the state law where an individual can bring and file a particular lawsuit to Vancouver’s trial court within three years only.  It is found in section 4.16.080 of Washington’s revised code. This day will start during the time of the vehicular accident and that’s exactly when you got your car crashed, got injured, and damaged other properties or belongings.

However, if a person got seriously hurt and died on the spot or was even brought to the hospital but didn’t survive, then his statute of limitations may not be the same as the date of the incident. For example, if he died after a couple of days or weeks, then his statute of limitations will start on the day of his death.

It is important to start filing a lawsuit within 3 years because if you will allow this to pass, then the person or company that you would like to sue will have the chance to see this as a discrepancy. When this happens, the trial court will decide to dismiss the case because extensions are rarely given. So if you think that you will run out of time, then you better consult a lawyer who handles auto accident cases in Washington for a faster process – learn more from for your awareness.

Comparative Negligence

In this state, there is a rule wherein whoever is injured due to the misfortune can have the chance to recover what was damaged. Individuals who are found to be at fault will have a responsibility no matter how much it is. For example, if you have a 5{9f57229d192a50c9f08d6daf8a8886b4727ca8b74ed760422e0dac5fb296b751} share for the fault then this will be deducted from your total claims.

Let’s say that because of this misfortune, you were seriously injured, and the total of your damages reached 50,000 USD. Now, with the help of your lawyer, you have decided to bring this case to the trial court. You will still be compensated but they will deduct the 5{9f57229d192a50c9f08d6daf8a8886b4727ca8b74ed760422e0dac5fb296b751} shared fault.

This is a decision that the jury has to take care of. They have to base this on the details that the police officers of Washington gathered, and the pieces of evidence presented during the trial. So, this only means that the negligence of the people involved will be considered.

Reporting the Incident

You should know that an individual who is involved or present during the time of the incident should complete a certain report – go here for additional info. The State Patrol of Washington will collect the report from the driver, motorist, cyclist, passenger, or owner of damaged properties and belongings.

This is necessary when the damages to the property or vehicles will be estimated at 1000 USD or more. The offices from the State Patrol will investigate the scene. After that, they may ask you to prepare the report, though you can ask an attorney for assistance.