Is squatting dangerous in England?

In England, squatting on someone’s property without getting express permission from them is illegal. As such, a lot of homeowners detest this. Sometimes, squatters go overboard. They would paste a notice announcing their occupation of the house, telling everyone that they had no right to be evicted. However, laws have been made to protect homeowners. Squatters can be removed as soon as they occupy the house; however, homeowners are advised to do so legally.

If you have a house in the UK, even if you intend to rent out the house, you should get an insurance policy for it. You can easily compare landlord insurance policy reviews by reading about how customers view the different policies offered by different countries on BritainReviews. This does not mean that tenants should not have their insurance policies as well even if their landlord has. This is because the landlord insurance policy might not cover the properties of the tenant. The landlord should also not neglect to get an insurance policy because the tenant is going to get one. Here are tips on how you can protect your home from squatters:

Stage your home

Even if you are not living in it, you can put up appearances. A house that appears to be lived-in despite its emptiness won’t attract squatters. You can set your lights and radio to come on and off at a specific time. Also, try to redirect your post so that mails won’t pile up at your door. Tell your neighbours to occupy your drive and add deadlocks to your windows and doors. Keep your landscape trimmed and tidy and turn off utilities.

Tell your neighbours to keep watch over your house

You shouldn’t forget to tell your neighbours that your house would be empty for a while and they should help you watch over it. the neighbours can also use your facilities so that there will be a presence of activities in your home. If your home will be empty for a longer period, ensure that it is fully secured against break-ins.

Install security devices

Another way to keep squatters away from your property is to install security devices. For instance, install security screens on your windows and doors. Secure every access point as well; ensure you use tough materials such as steel. If you have gates, secure them with heavy-duty padlocks rather than using chains that can be cut through. Install alarm systems as well, so that the police and your neighbours will be notified of anyone trying to break through.

If squatters ever take over your property, don’t try to evict them by force. You need the law to do so. The first thing to do is to get in touch with them and ask their reasons for residing on your property. They must be willing to agree with you if they want to keep staying on your property. The amicable ones among them will accept your proposal while the aggressive ones will try to put up a fight.

If they do, you should report them to the police. Your actions will depend on the valuables that are in your property and how quickly you want to regain ownership of it. Even if the squatters do not eventually leave, they will be responsible for any damage caused under the law.

However, instead of going through keeping squatters away from your property or getting them off if they have taken over it, you can simply rent out your property to someone else till you come back. This way, you will not only save your property from squatters, but you will also make money off it.