Pursuing Parental Rights in Court

When you and your significant other decide to end your relationship, you may think the matter simply involves filing for divorce or walking away from each other if you are not married. However, when there are children involved, the situation becomes more complex and in some instances contentious. You may find yourself facing a legal battle to determine who the kids will live with and who will pay child support each month.

Settling these questions often requires both parties to retain a lawyer to take up their arguments in court. By hiring family law firms, mediators, or custody lawyers st charles mo parents like you could look forward to a resolution that satisfies both parties and protects the best interests of the children in question.

Making the Case for Custody

Many times, the most contentious issue that parents go to battle for in court involves who will get custody of the minor children. Many states allow children over the age of 14 to determine with whom they will live. However, children younger than that must await a judge’s decision before learning with what parent they will reside in the future.

If you believe you are the most logical choice for custodian, you need to make you case in court. However, you may not know how to make an argument or what kind of proof the judge will need from you.

You can hire an attorney who specializes in this area of law to represent you. Your legal counsel will present an argument that establishes you as the safest parent as well as someone who can sufficiently support the children with the income you make.

Even if you do not make an income that is higher than the other parent, you still could win custody. In this instance, you also may win child support from the other parent. This parent will supplement your income and provide for the needs of the minor children. It will be paid directly to you until the youngest child turns 18. If needed, however, it can be adjusted if your income goes down or if you lose your job.