Retaining Legal Counsel to Defend Yourself in Court

When you have been arrested for and charged with a crime, you may wonder how you can convince the court you did not do it. At this point, it is your word against the word of the arresting officer. You may fear that the judge will believe the officer over you and put you behind bars for months or years.

Before you go to court, you have the chance to build a case that will prove your innocence, however. By hiring a law firm, paralegal, or fairfax lawyers, you can get the legal counsel you need to get a fair chance of beating the charges against you.

Participating in Your Own Case

Launching a solid defense on your part requires you to participate in your own case. While you can hand off most of the legal tasks to your lawyers, you will still be expected to provide depositions to your legal team and disclose important facts about what happened to them. You also will be expected to be upfront and honest about what took place before and during the time you were arrested.

The information you disclose to your attorneys can determine what type of action they take on your behalf. If they believe the court will find you guilty, they may work toward a plea deal that could reduce the amount of time you serve in jail or money you have to pay to the city or county. However, if they believe you will be found innocent, they may work to gather evidence that can be used to exonerate you and clear your record.

Hiring Skilled Attorneys

To clear your name, you are encouraged to hire the most qualified lawyers in your area. You do not want to risk the outcome of your case on inexperienced attorneys. You may prefer to hire attorneys who have good win records and are familiar with the workings of the local courts. You can find the best attorneys to represent you during your case by going online today.