What Happens After an Arrest?

Getting arrested is a stressful experience that nobody should have to go through; however, some people are charged with crimes and end up being taken to jail. The good news is that the vast majority of people who are arrested are going to be granted bail. In order to get released, defendants will have to post bail. This is where Pennsylvania bail bonds can be helpful. In order to get released as quickly as possible, a professional bail bondsman can be helpful. It is important for everyone to know what happens after they get arrested.

The Booking Process

Once someone has been arrested or has turned himself or herself in, the first step is the booking process. This is where the defendant is taken to jail by a police officer. Then, he or she will be fingerprinted. After this, a mugshot will be taken. In some cases, people might also have their DNA taken if there is an appropriate warrant. This is more common for felony crimes. Once this is done, the individual will be taken to jail where he or she will be held until something called a first appearance.

Bail Is Set

After this, the defendant will go before a judge. This usually happens within 12 to 24 hours of someone getting arrested. At that time, the judge will read the charges (either aloud or silently to himself or herself). If the defendant has an attorney, the attorney should be present for this process. If not, the judge will appoint a public defender. The defense team will argue for a lower bail amount and the prosecutor, if present, will state why a higher amount of bail should be required. The judge will set the bail amount using a number of factors including the defendant’s prior record, the nature of the charges that have been issued against the defendant, and the resources of the defendant. After the bail has been set, the defendant can pay it and be released.

Paying Bail Quickly

In order to pay bail as quickly as possible, it is a good idea to work with a bail bondsman. The legal system is not known for its efficiency and nobody should have to spend more time in jail than is absolutely necessary. A bail bondsman has connections that can help the defendant post bail as quickly as possible so that he or she can go home.